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ABOUT:                                                                                   Revised 10/20/2017
I was born in Sacramento, California, on May the 17th some years ago.  At age two (2) the family and I moved to Fresno, California.  I spent some time in Hayward, and then Pomona, California.  I have been back in Fresno some time.
I have a brother – eight (8) years older – (he has passed away), a sister that is six (6) years older, and two (2) sisters that are one (1) year younger each.
I was a very average “C” student in most of my school years.  I started at Winchell Elementary School, went to Bullard
Elementary School in the fourth (4th) grade, to the first class at Wowona Junior High School, then graduated from Bullard High School.
I am a single, white, slim, athletic, hazel eyed, blond.  I am 5’ 8” tall.  I weigh around 170 Lbs.  I like to swim, bicycle, walk, read, volunteer, and play.  I like soft velvet, acetate satin, lace, frills, and sparkles.  I would like to meet gentlemen who are tall, very black, and filthy rich.  I do not smoke, drink very rarely (wine), do not swear, nor use.  The most medication I take is regular aspirin, if I think I may be getting something.  I eat very healthy.  I like lots of raw vegetables, fruits, and nuts.  I am a sparse eater of meats because they are so expensive.  When I eat out, it is salads, and deli sandwiches I look for.  I do indulge in real butter, Ice Cream, Nilla wafers, and Nabisco Honey Graham Crackers.  I also like Fritos Corn Chips and regular potato chips.  I keep raw fruits and nut mixes around for snacks.  I do have a problem with having had way too much milk chocolate at one time, so, I really need to stay away from the dark chocolate – even the white chocolate.  Maybe one or two pieces every three months or so.
I spent over forty years with the telephone industry then as a female commercial driver (mostly local agriculture) and then as a driver and farm laborer on a small fish farm in Madera.  I am now retired and work volunteer hours.
I am presently on a hormone replacement therapy.  I am a fan and use the herbal supplements as suggested by Lucille Sorella at  One of my favorite sites for the herbs is and locally the Tower Health Food store.  I have had my corrective surgery (Gender Reassignment Surgery) by Dr. Sherman Leis in Philadelphia Pennsylvania on May 17th, 2011.
I presently do a lot of volunteering.  I am the developer, founder and Executive Director of Rachels Projects Foundation.
I am the instigator, founder, developer, and Chair of (a project of Rachels Projects Foundation).
I am the developer, designer, and run twelve (12) internet web sites plus all of the associated e-mail and blog accounts.

I was a member of the planning committee for World Aids Day every December the 1st, historically held at the Tower Theater for the Performing Arts, Fresno, CA.
I used to help with Community Link's Fresno Pride Parade and Festival every first (1st) Saturday in June.
I am a member of Community Media Access Collaborative (community access TV; Comcast channel 96, ATT Uverse channel 99 and  I have produced the 2012 Pride Parade, ART HOP I, and ART HOP II.

I support PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbian and Gays) and Community Link.  I am a member of Peace Fresno, The Fresno Center for Non Violence, The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, The Yosemite Knights K of M Fresno, and honorary member of the Hispanic group Mariposa Azul.
I am an active member of The Group In Fresno.
I was the past (last) editor of "Connections" newsletter and member of Central California Alliance.
I helped to found a Transgender group developing, writing, and creating the group structure, accounts, web sites (with associated e-mail and blog accounts), library, and developer, designer, and editor of the immigrant field newsletter "Bionic Me".  I served as Secretary/Librarian and Secretary/Treasurer.

I wrote a column, "TRANS VIEW", that appeared in the Community Link's "News Link" newspaper and appeared in other publications and blog.

I have been through and have seen a lot.  Not everything is listed here.  You can find out more by visiting the rest of my site, however there will be very limited access to some of it.
The following poem was written for a poetry invitation from an LGBT boutique.  I am still not able to get all of the way through it to the end.  It came from way, way down deep inside of me.

by Rachel Joy Bowman

I went down to the brook today
I saw a reflection – to my dismay.
It was not I, I saw, but another.
Such a sweet, kind, and gentle other;
with the age of wrinkle and line,
creeping along the edges so fine.

It is a time to turn around
And see a life that has been;
of experiences of then.
Was it lived - for someone else?,
or for yourself?

I am a different face now.
I am a different life now.
For what I was, when I was,
was long ago and forever gone.

I am happier now than I have ever been;
contented, joyous, and free.

Even if it’s just for a fleeting dream,
the chance to be finally “ME!!”

I went down to the brook again,
I saw a reflection and grinned,
a big grin.

January 07, 2006  by Rachel Joy Bowman